Friday, November 29, 2013

Special Delivery - Red Army Muscle Men, Micro Cupcake Kaiju, and Jeff Lamm's Greasebat!

We are back! And I've decided to do something a tad different on this fourth edition of Special Delivery, I'm taking on not one, but THREE reviews in one posting!! I think Evil Knievel tried this once and broke something.. important, No matter! We shall begin the reviews today with the super awesome, interchangeable, resin figure from Planet Banimon, Red Army Muscle Men! Here's a bit about Red Army Muscle Men from the mouths of Banimon..

"Each Red Army Muscle Man is 1" tall, has 16 separate parts and is made of super durable, full color injection molded PVC plastic. Includes a bonus Banigoth Warrior head. Unpainted M.U.S.C.L.E. pink/flesh.All parts are completely interchangeable with all Glyos System Series figures."

So there you have it, this is one Hella fun figure that displays great. And with their interchangeable parts, Red Army Muscle Men is a great figure building system that (In My humble opinion) rivals Glyos. My figure can be broken down to eight pieces, or ten if you include the bonus helmet and sword. All pieces are easy to take apart, and reassemble, making figure customizing a breeze. 

Another great thing about R.A.M.M figures, the price! at a mere $7 these sweet figures are truly a steal. Get yours, while you still can, by visiting the Planet Banimon store today! 

Next up today we take a look at Rampage Toys, Micro Cupcake Kaiju! The Micro Cupcake is a cute little sucker that stands under an inch high, and is cast in blue resin. Peter Kato's cupcake sculpt looks great in the mini-figure format,and would make a perfect addition to your mini-figure collection. The icing on the cupcake (tee hee) is the super cool header card art. This figure is made available exclusively at Tenacious Toys webstore. For only four bucks, how can you lose? Trust Me, You'll love Him :) Also, be sure to check out even more awesomeness from Peter Kato by visiting His official website today!

Last up today, and certainly not least, is Jeff Lamm's Micro-Greasebat! First glances of this toy would lead you to believe that it's a resin figure..Nope! Standing at a mere 2" high, this cool little fella is an articulated vinyl figure! That's right Greasebat fans, with his head swivel action, GB can stare down your other vinyl toys, or pull a full out Linda Blair! Monster 5, and Monster Worship, did a great job sculpting Lamm's famed creature. All the details truly pop in the shiny orange vinyl. And finally, the figure packaging features original header art by Jeff Lamm Himself! Unfortunately, I believe this item is sold out in the Monster Worship store, But I'm sure you can track one down somewhere :) Good hunting, and thanks for stopping by!


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